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This, is Surreal Taxi. One of the worst jobs ever....

You are driving in a Surreal Taxi, with the objective of picking up rich customers and dropping them off to their destination as they spout about their silly drivel in their rich world with their rich jobs. Play in this surreal world, with a relaxing Lo-Fi tune. Both your tricks/stunts are shown through a counter on the top left. The more customers you drop off, the more money you earn!


Use WASD to move the taxi around, while using both WASD and the arrow keys in midair to do sick tricks.

Customers (the creatures with hats) will have a yellow beacon,  drive into them to pick them up, then proceed to the next yellow beacon to drop them off. You will gain money for each drop off, so try to enjoy yourself while you make some cash, while doing sick tricks along the way. Try to enjoy yourself through surreal trip, for this is one of the worst jobs ever...

Game Design, Assets and Programming - Ben, Mark, Nik, Alex and Tùng

Music - Alex



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