Rhythmic Time Strategy is a rhythm based RTS in which you are in charge of a robot uprising! Control your minion robots, that consist of miners, pylon units and fighter bots to fight off enemy humans! All of this goes in sync with an awesome and catchy upbeat track, making decisions fun while being displayed and heard in perfect fashion with the sound of incredible music. This game was made for the GDC GMTK Jam 2021 in under 48 hours.


~Use WASD to move Camera

Miners: These are your main resource in progressing through the game. Use your miners to mine crystal resources, which are displayed in the top left, these are used to create more miners, pylon units, and fighter bots! 

Pylons: These allow you to progress forward and travel with your miner and fighter bots, you can also chain multiple pylon units together for maximum range, be sure to not make too many or you'll run out of resources!

Fighter bots: These fight off enemy humans! Some will kill multiple humans while others may die instantly upon impact, be sure to plan strategically of where you place these units, as you have a limited resource.

Left click on your pylon units to move them, when you left click on your miner units, you can have them mine with the mine command. These miners will mine anything within proximity, which you can see by hovering over them with your mouse. You will need to move your pylon units so your miners can have access to the crystal resources, and construct pylon chains to move these units forward.

When you left click on a tile, you can create fighter bots, miners, or more pylon units. You will need a pylon unit within range to make fighter bots or miners as these need to be connected to your main hub.

Game Design/Programming: Ben, Mark [https://botmark.itch.io/], Tùng[https://sadragonmaker.itch.io/]

Main Tile and Unit Assets: Ben [https://bobo-baqa.itch.io/]

Music and Sound Effects: Alex

Additional assets, design and animations: Nik


windows.zip 40 MB


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Cool concept, great music. :)


great but hard


epic game :sunglasses: